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TorQue Ltd

TorQue Ltd is a rwandan software development company, incorporated in 2013, with a mission to create software solutions tailor made to the needs of wholesale distributors in Rwanda and Africa.

Management structure and staffing

TorQue will maintain a minimal staffing plan to remain flexible and responsive to client needs, even as we add additional layers of external staff to assist in sales, etc.

The existing staff provide the technical and business expertise.

Jean Niyotwagira – Founder, CEO
Jean is the founder and CEO, in charge of overall strategy and development of the company. While in his third year at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, Jean co-founded his first company, an app developer, HeHe Ltd, after having attended an MIT organized boot camp in 2010. After the boot camp his software (TorQue Workspace) was awarded the strongest technical implementation price and today it is the TorQue Ltd.’s leading product.

TorQue Workspace is now featured in Forbes as one of African software products that have an edge to the future. Jean has a wealth of technical experience with startup companies and he is using his business and leadership skills to place the team ahead of the software industry in East Africa.

William Ndandali – COO
As a COO with a strong technical background, William oversees TorQue's daily operations and uses his large Rwanda-based network to be the strongest link between TorQue Ltd and its clients. William possesses invaluable social skills that bring healthy dynamics within the TorQue team, and his technical background at the Rwanda Ministry of Defense assures he can work with large companies who need a personal touch as well as technical assistance.


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